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Who are you? 

And what do you do when your mind turns into a hurricane?

The human face consists of 42 muscles. Together with an almost infinite amount of expressions and emotions, our faces are like doors into stories of our minds so complex it would probably be impossible to explain them in words, instead we mimicry.


Daniel explores the human face and the world of emotions that reside within it by playing with distortion and alternation he fragments the human expression into pieces and asks questions about identity and the existence of the self. Who are you? What does it mean to be and how do we connect with the idea of our own identity? While putting it back together into new worlds and new emotions allowing the viewer to disconnect and reconnect in a playful way to evoke our emotions.

Daniel´s newest Exhibition:
”FRAGMENTS” invites you to accept change, question the idea of identity and self-perception, and explore their relationship with each other.

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